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Why Buy and Live in a Tiny House?

It's Cheaper to live in a Tiny Home!

By living in a tiny house you typically avoid a mortgage. Your utility bills are lower. You have lower taxes. Most Americans dedicate about 1/3 of their income to where they live. So imagine what you could do with that money! You could live a life of travel with the money you save by living in a Tiny Home.

It's the Simple Life!

Many people are just sick of their high stress, always on, complicated life style. By making their life smaller, their quality of life improves. When you eliminate things to worry about you can focus on the things you care about.

It Good for the Environment

When you shrink your lifestyle with a tiny house you shrink your footprint on earth. And the is great news for Mother Nature.

Declutter you life.

Think about it…you have to declutter. The average American lives in about 2500 sq. ft. and now you are going down to 400 sq. ft. or so. So if your possessions are overwhelming you then the tiny house lifestyle might be your cure!


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