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The folks over at Tiny Home Builders make it easy to plan and build your own tiny home! Check out their offering of Tiny home Plans Below.

The Element

The most modern and roomy tiny house with a shed style roof.

Tiny Living

Features a large Living Room with Vaulted ceilings and big dormers for extra space

The Element

A single level home for those folks that do’t really want to climb a ladder to go to bed.

Simple Living

Just what the name says…our easiest and least expensive house to build.

Tiny Studio

Very modern & open concept design with a couch that converts in to a bed.

Attend a Workshop

Why go it alone when you build your Tiny Home?

This is a great option for people that need a little extra instruction to build their dream tiny home. You’re investing in your home so why not invest in your self?

Get the best tiny houses in Tiny Houses Columbia SC!

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